“I woke up and didn’t know what I was going to do… but I knew what I wasn’t going to do ever again.”
Deanna Poehlman on quitting her 6-figure income and 22 years in the telecommunications industry)


Everyone deserves their dream job, and Deanna Poehlman (founder and owner) has turned this principle into a ministry and a career helping people discover God’s best and find joy in the work they do every day.  Most of us think that a dream job is like winning the lottery – it only happens to other people, the fortunate, or the lucky.  If this is your mentality consider this – Deanna’s methods are 86% successful in helping people find a career that brings them joy (think you’ll find an employment agency or headhunter with those stats?).

Deanna Poehlman helps the unemployed with unemployment, resumes, interviewing, career counciling, and finding fulfilling employment.

Deanna's techniques are 86% successful

Deanna spends most of her time “de-programming” what you’ve been told your whole life.  Here are some myths about employment that prevent you from having your dream job:

  • You need a degree for the job you want.
  • Your résumé is the most important tool for getting you a job.
  • If you can’t do what you love, do what you’re good at.
  • You don’t have enough experience for the job you want.
  • You are too old to hire.
  • There are no jobs available – no one is hiring.


Helping the “UN’s” of Employment (Un, Under, Unhappily)

Unhappily Employed
Have a job but don’t like it?  You’re not alone.  Statistics indicated that depending on age and industry, between, 54% and 67% of people employed are unhappy with their career choice.

Qualified to do more than you’ve been given?  If you aren’t given the opportunity to give your best, not only are those around you missing out on what you have to offer, but YOU aren’t getting God’s best. 

Unemployment is between 9% and 11%, and most everyone is job seeking using the same methods.  There is a better way to find your dream job, and it’s not online or in the classifieds where everyone else is looking.


“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Yeah, it’s a cliche… but it’s also a reality.

One-on-one, classroom/group, or lecture settings that build confidence in the following areas:

  • Discovering your passions, dreams, and abilities
  •  Résumé building
  • Job search strategies (that are 86% successful)
  • Interviewing (for jobs, pageants, court/testimonies)
  • Marketing yourself or your business