Out of a job, unhappily employed, seeking a new career path…

Whether you are employed or seeking employment, a competitive job environment means you can never be unprepared.


We're all in-between jobs. It's just a question of when the next one will come around and whether or not you're prepared.

  • If you had a job interview today, would you be ready?
  • Is your résumé up to date?  Will it stand out?  Does it age you?
  • Have you marketed yourself as someone others would want to hire?
  • Can you tell others why they should hire you in 60 seconds, in a way that is interesting, relevant, and exclusive?
  • Do you speak of your own abilities with enthusiasm and confidence?

Professionals benefit by shortening the time between unemployment and their next job, win when it’s you and another candidate and all things are equal, and secure the confidence to follow your passion for your dream job (and experiencing God’s best for you).